Friday 22.05

  1. Stage-Gig – Sapucaiu no Samba
    – 17:00Uhr
    – Latinautabühne (Waterloo-Ufer / Zossenerstr.)
    – Streetfestival at Blücherplatz, Berlin Kreuzberg (U6, U1 „Hallesches Tor“)
  2. Batucada – Esquenta (Get together drumming for all of the visitors & dancers)
    – 20:00Uhr
    – in the turning circle in front of the Memorial Library

Tipp: In the different places and on the stages of the street festival there is plenty of beautiful things to discover. It is worth having a look around after the stage Gig of Sapu or even after the Batucada – go ahead, dance with the Kurdish people, get fascinated by Acrobats and Clowns or enjoy Peruan Percussion. Check out the programme http://www.karneval-berlin.de/de/kalender.26.html

Saturday 23.05

  1. Breakfast and General Rehearsal
    – 10:00Uhr
    – Schloßstr. 19, 14059 Berlin-Charlottenburg (U12 „Sophie-Charlotte-Platz“)
  2. Concert of Tambores from Moscow, Party and Roda de Samba
    – starting from 20:30Uhr
    – „Groove“, Fidicinstr.3, 10965 Berlin-Kreuzberg (U6 „Platz der Luftbrücke“)
    – concert starting at 22:00Uhr
    – later party and roda de samba

SUNDAY 24.05

  1. Parade
    – 10:00 Meeting, warming up, tuning drums, we start parading at 12:00
    – Urbanstraße, directly at Hermannplatz (U7/U8 „Hermannplatz“)
  2. Food, Chill out after parade, Samba de Mesa, Forro, Guerilla Samba
    – 16:30 until ?
    – the courtyard of Dancestudio DançaFrevo Mehringdamm 33, Hof III EG in Berlin Kreuzberg (U6/U7 „Mehringdamm“).

MoNDAY 25.05

  1. Farewell Brunch / Chillout
    – 11:00
    – the Garden of Micha, Kreuzbergstr.12 c (U6/U7 „Mehringdamm“)

Traditionally, we`ll have our Brunch to hang around, talk, For those who might feel the need for a little walk in Nature: the beautiful Victoria Parc is located directly in front of Micha`s place. For those who can`t get enough: Our Sapu Doro will play a Gig at the Latinauta-Stage with her Salsa-Band in the afternoon.

Check out the locations: